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About Weddings at Fellowship

We would love to help you plan your special event at Fellowship. Weddings are scheduled on a "first-come, first-serve" basis, and Premarital Counseling is required.


  • Worship services and preparations take precedence over all other events. 
  • All dates are tentative until approved by the appropriate Fellowship staff.
  • Additional events, like a rehearsal dinner or the reception, require additional fees.
  • Facility use is limited to regular attenders of Fellowship.
  • The wedding must be coordinated by one of our trained wedding consultants, who will meet with you four to six times and work with our staff, provide guidelines, and assist in planning.
  • Officiating pastors not affiliated with Fellowship must be approved.
  • A premarital pregnancy must be disclosed to the officiating pastor.
  • A couple may not be married at Fellowship if:
    • Either person is not a Christian.
    • The couple is currently living together.
    • There has been a previous marriage and a divorce for which there was no Biblical grounds.
    • Either person does not have the blessing of their parent(s).
    • Either person is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
    • The couple is living a gay or lesbian lifestyle.
    • The couple is not willing to complete the prescribed pre-marital counseling as required by the approved officiating pastor.

Cost, Wedding Guides, & Contacts


The cost for a wedding ranges from $500-$1,300 depending on the facility. The fee includes custodial staff, audio/visual technician, and a wedding consultant. Refer to the wedding guides below for more information.

Bentonville Campus -

To make a facility reservation, contact Nate Wesley at 479-659-7000.

Fayetteville Campus - Download Wedding Guide

To make a facility reservation, contact Matt Slavik at 479-659-3699.

Rogers Campus - Download Wedding Guide

To make a facility reservation, contact Dwight Mix at 479-659-8884.